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Black Gull At A Bird's Eye

At Black Gull Digital, we care most about being partners in your business and helping you to succeed. That's why when you sign with our company, you are signing on with an opportunity to go further.

Black Gull Digital was started in Long Island, New York on the foundation of community service and a passion for helping others grow their business.


Black Gull Digital is the first community-orientated digital marketing agency.


We serve all businesses in any industry ranging from small to large. From Long Island, New York to Westport, Ireland, we work with all companies nationally & internationally.

We also help companies set-up their online presence with websites and branding. As well as maintaining and building an online audience.

With every client that signs with Black Gull Digital, 5% of the client's service fee goes to a foundation or fundraiser of their choice.

We also offer Veteran-owned businesses 10% off their service package for the first year.

Now that's something to hoot about.


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